Our charity precious – not-for-profit organisations

Our smart decorating services charity is private independent organisations we are not involved with any government agency or other charity.
we are try and doing everything to help and save life we believe that everyone can play a role and have a chance to do something great and save life, if you like to help please do let us know,
thank you,

Our aim helping the uk homeless people by providing them with food and clothing and place to stay
Also our company will be providing helpe with food and clothing and medical treatment to the poor man woman and children free off charge oversea





Solaman – Adopt-Nick 

Nick is a small grey donkey with a lovely fringe, who is particularly good friends with Coffee and Snowy. Nick is starting to lose his sight so he gets lots of extra care and affection from the staff and volunteers.


Alison – Adopt-China

China is a young brown and white coloured donkey, and is India’s foal. She is engaging, adores human contact and loves chilling with her sisters, Rosie and Amber. China is one of a group of Welsh donkeys who came to us when their owner became ill in early 2019. Her relationship with people makes her the perfect Therapy Donkey!

If you like to supporters Isle of wight donkey rescue sanctuary please click on the link below for more information https://www.iowdonkeysanctuary.org/


Project Title Precious
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